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Bethany College @ MindFire is a unique partnership between liberal arts education and hands-on career training. Bethany is transforming fine arts education into a career-relevant format for electronic media arts students. Mindfire brings professional training experience straight from Hollywood's front lines with staff who have worked on such movies as "Iron Man," "Transformers," "Get Smart," and "Spiderman 3."
The result is a unique digital arts school that allows students to pick up a Certificate in Media Arts and go right to work. A Bachelors of Arts Degree in Media Arts with a Focus in 3D Animation is also available. All courses are transferable college credit. Along with the credit, you will gain technical expertise within a liberal arts education.

Bethany College @ MindFire offers a 16 credit hour Media Arts Certificate with a focus in:

  • Digital Filmmaking
  • 3D Animation
  • Audio Recording Arts
  • Video Game Design

Classes are offered in three (7-8-7) sessions totalling 22 weeks.
Certificate Course Requirements

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Ed Pogue, Program Director, Master of Fine Arts, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale


Digital Filmmaking

You'll learn basic pre-production, camera techniques, lighting, sound, video editing—all the skills you need to tell a visual story.

3D Animation

You'll gain hands-on experience with modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, rigging, and rendering—all the basic skills to create 3D characters and environments for movies, television, commercial video, and gaming.

Audio Recording Arts

You'll learn how to record and master audio tracks, design and mix sound for movies and television, and design sound for video games. You'll learn microphone placement, sound mixing, music beds and loops, and track mastering.

video game Design

You'll create levels from the character's point of view for a unique First Person View game. You'll learn how to control the character, give rewards and consequences. You'll learn how to get your hero to the next level in the game. Each student will gain the fundamentals of basic level formatting, creating structure, character control, and how to make each game entertaining.

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